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Welcome to my site

I was given my first Brownie camera was I was six and I’ve been taking photographs ever since – I just can’t stop. Taking photographs is like eating and sleeping to me – something I do everyday.

My dad, a commercial artist, was obsessed with light and shadow, and pointed out his observations on light hitting objects to me on a daily basis – so, big surprise, I became an artist/photographer.

Now, living on a high desert hilltop outside of Mountainair NM, when I’m not out in the field shooting, I’m working on Adobe Photoshop with a beautiful view of the Manzano Mountains.

Marilyn Conway

Micaela Siedel from New Mexico Magazine article
“Marilyn Conway’s altered state”

Marilyn Conway’s goal is to photograph every town in New Mexico – more than once. She doesn’t care how small the town , how obscure or how unromantic the name. As long as there is a mountain nearby, or a sleepy dog or an old sink waiting to be discovered, she’s standing by happy to record it.
Conway’s shooting day goes something like this.... She drives up the narrowest of roads somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the heart of New Mexico. A school bus coming down and around a hill forces her to pull over. She notices a sink near a ditch that has a strange appeal. Then, two white dogs come running up over a rise – a sure thing, now she shoots them all....


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